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> wrote:
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> > In terms of this project overall, NumLWLocks() now knows about only
> > four categories of stuff: fixed lwlocks, backend locks (proc.c),
> > replication slot locks, and locks needed by extensions.  I think it'd
> > probably be fine to move the backend locks into PGPROC directly, and
> > the replication slot locks into ReplicationSlot.
> >
> IIdus has written a patch to move backend locks into PGPROC which
> I am reviewing and will do performance tests once he responds to
> my review comments and I have written a patch to move replication
> slot locks into ReplicationSlot which is attached with this mail.

This patch looks good for me.
It compiles without warnings, passes regression tests.
I also did small testing of replication slots in order to check that it
works correctly.

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