I found the following code in src/bin/psql/print.h:155 (master 1d0c3b3f8a)

    bool        quote;          /* quote all values as much as possible */

That code was there since:

commit a45195a191eec367a4f305bb71ab541d17a3b9f9
Author: Bruce Momjian <br...@momjian.us>
Date:   Thu Nov 4 21:56:02 1999 +0000

    Major psql overhaul by Peter Eisentraut.

But I didn't found any other references to that "quote" and, after
removing that line,
the code still compiles without any error/warning.

Did I overlook something?

Best regards,
Dickson S. Guedes
mail/xmpp: gue...@guedesoft.net - skype: guediz
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