Andreas Joseph Krogh wrote:
> Which seems to indicate it has received a fair amount of testing and is quite 
> stable.
> Hopefully it integrates into the 9.6 codebase without too much risk.

Yes, yes, that's all very good, but we're nearing the closure of the 9.6
development cycle and we only have one commitfest left.  If someone had
lots of community brownie points because of doing lots of reviews of
other people's patches, they might push their luck by posting this patch
to the final commitfest.  But if that someone didn't, then it wouldn't
be fair, and if I were the commitfest manager of that commitfest I would
boot their patch to the 9.7-First commitfest.

The current commitfest which I'm trying to close still has 24 patches in
needs-review state and 11 patches ready-for-committer; the next one (not
closed yet) has 40 patches that will need review.  That means a total of
75 patches, and those should all be processed ahead of this one.  The
effort needed to process each of those patches is not trivial, and I'm
sorry I have to say this but I don't see PostgresPro contributing enough
reviews, even though I pinged a number of people there, so putting one
more patch on the rest of the community's shoulders doesn't seem fair to

Everybody has their favorite patch that they want in the next release,
but we only have so much manpower to review and integrate those patches.
All review help is welcome.

Álvaro Herrera      
PostgreSQL Development, 24x7 Support, Remote DBA, Training & Services

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