Some notices:

1 tsin in documentation doesn't look like a good name. Changed to vector similar to other places.

2 I did some editorization about freeing memory/forgotten names etc

3 It seems to me that tsvector_unnest() could be seriously optimized for
large tsvectors: with current coding it detoasts/decompresses tsvector value on each call. Much better to do it once in
multi_call_memory_ctx context at first call init

4 It seems debatable returning empty array for position/weight if they are 
=# select * from unnest('a:1 b'::tsvector);
 lexeme | positions | weights
 a      | {1}       | {D}
 b      | {}        | {}
I think, it's better to return NULL in this case

5 array_to_tsvector/tsvector_setweight_by_filter/tsvector_delete_arr/tsvector_filter doesn't check or pay attention to NULL elements in input arrays

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