Vitaly Burovoy <> writes:
> On 1/31/16, Tom Lane <> wrote:
>> 2. POSIX:2008 only requires that "The isinf() macro shall return a
>> non-zero value if and only if its argument has an infinite value."

> Ok, then I'll use "is_infinite" from "float.c".

Yeah, that's good.

> But why functions' (in "src/port/isinf.c") behavior are different? It
> is a bit confusing…

Probably the authors of those different implementations were making it
match the behavior of whatever isinf() they had locally.  I don't feel
a need to change isinf.c --- it should be zero-maintenance at this
point, especially if we suspect it is no longer used anywhere.

                        regards, tom lane

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