Status summary:
 Needs review: 7.
 Ready for Committer: 11.
 Committed: 28.
 Moved to next CF: 23.
 Rejected: 2.
 Returned with Feedback: 28.
Total: 99. 

I just closed a large number of patches in the 2006-01 commitfest as
"returned with feedback".  The vast majority of those were in "waiting
on author"; I verified that the threads had posted something to the
author and the author had not yet replied.  Since we're past the closing
point for the commitfest, that's fair.  Patch authors are welcome to
submit a new version of their patch, which can be considered during the
next commitfest.  In this group I also included a number of "Needs
review" patches which had gotten some feedback and were waiting for a
new version.

Also, I some patches that have actually gotten some feedback but a new
version was posted afterwards I moved to the next commitfest.  We're not
waiting on the author to post a new version, but we've already given
some feedback so we're not obliged to keep them in the current

A number of patches still remain in the current commitfest.  11 of them
are marked as "ready for committer" so supposedly some committer should
grab them and push them.

7 are in "needs review" state; I just checked and most of those already
received some feedback and it seems fair to close them as RwF; new
versions can be submitted to next commitfest.  Two of them didn't,

     \crosstabview (previously: \rotate) in psql for crosstab-style display
     Statistics for array types

and for closure it would be good to either send them feedback if they
need rework or mark them as ready-for-committer.

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