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> The following message, which bears "User-Agent: pgcommitfest",
> http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/flat/20160202164101.1291.30526.p...@coridan.postgresql.org
> added spaces after commas in its subject line, compared to the subject
> line of
> its In-Reply-To message.
>      new subject line: Re: Add generate_series(date, date) and
> generate_series(date, date, integer)
> previous subject line: Re: Add generate_series(date,date) and
> generate_series(date,date,integer)
> I see no way to manually alter the subject line from the
> commitfest.postgresql.org review UI.  Is commitfest.postgresql.org
> initiating
> this change internally?

That is weird.

The CF app certainly doesn't do that intentionally - it copies it from the
archives. And if I look in the db on the cf app, it has the subject without
the space as the field that it copied :O

The code is line 355-358 at:

the "subject" field in the db that we copy does not have the spaces... I
honestly have no idea where they are coming from :O I'm guessing it must be
something internally in the python libraries that create the MIME. Have you
seen this with any other messages, that you can recall, or just this one?

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