Fabien asked me to post a new version of the checkpoint flushing patch
series. While this isn't entirely ready for commit, I think we're
getting closer.

I don't want to post a full series right now, but my working state is
available on
git://git.postgresql.org/git/users/andresfreund/postgres.git checkpoint-flush

The main changes are that:
1) the significant performance regressions I saw are addressed by
   changing the wal writer flushing logic
2) The flushing API moved up a couple layers, and now deals with buffer
   tags, rather than the physical files
3) Writes from checkpoints, bgwriter and files are flushed, configurable
   by individual GUCs. Without that I still saw the spiked in a lot of 

There's also a more experimental reimplementation of bgwriter, but I'm
not sure it's realistic to polish that up within the constraints of 9.6.



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