Please find attached updated patch.
>The point of having pgstat_report_progress_update_counter() is so that 
>you can efficiently update a single counter without having to update 
>everything, when only one counter has changed.  But here you are 
>calling this function a whole bunch of times in a row, which 
>completely misses the point - if you are updating all the counters, 
>it's more efficient to use an interface that does them all at once 
>instead of one at a time.

The pgstat_report_progress_update_counter() is called at appropriate places in 
the attached patch.

>So I've spent a fair amount of time debugging really-long-running 
>VACUUM processes with customers, and generally what I really want to 
>know is:
>>>> What block number are we at? <<<

Agreed. The attached patch reported current block number.


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