Tom Lane wrote:
> Of late, by far the majority of the random-noise failures we see in the
> buildfarm have come from failure to shut down the postmaster in a
> reasonable timeframe.

I noticed that.

> An example is this current failure on hornet:

FWIW you seem to have edited this URL -- it returns a blank page.
The right one is

> What I'd like to do to investigate this is put in a temporary HEAD-only
> patch that makes ShutdownXLOG() and its subroutines much chattier about
> how far they've gotten and what time it is, and also makes pg_ctl print
> out the current time if it gives up waiting.  A few failed runs with
> that in place will at least allow us to confirm or deny whether it's
> just that the shutdown checkpoint is sometimes really slow, or whether
> there's a bug lurking.
> Any objections?  Anybody have another idea for data to collect?

Seems like a reasonable place to start.  I assume you'll be installing
some debug-elog calls, enabled by default, and then once the problem is
fixed, we'll change the default to disabled but keep the actual calls?

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