Robert Treat wrote:
> I'm not sure how adequately these topics are covered elsewhere, but you
> should probably provide at least a pointer if not improved information:
> * Should have a mention of the pgcrypto code in contrib.
> * Brain hiccup, but isn't there some type of "password" datatype

It is in /contrib as chkpass:
        Chkpass is a password type that is automatically checked and converted upon
        entry.  It is stored encrypted.  To compare, simply compare agains a clear
        text password and the comparison function will encrypt it before comparing.
        It also returns an error if the code determines that the password is easily
        crackable.  This is currently a stub that does nothing.
        I haven't worried about making this type indexable.  I doubt that anyone
        would ever need to sort a file in order of encrypted password.
        If you precede the string with a colon, the encryption and checking are
        skipped so that you can enter existing passwords into the field.
        On output, a colon is prepended.  This makes it possible to dump and reload
        passwords without re-encrypting them.  If you want the password (encrypted)
        without the colon then use the raw() function.  This allows you to use the
        type with things like Apache's Auth_PostgreSQL module.
        D'Arcy J.M. Cain
The document is a good idea, and the initdb -W item is good too!

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