On 02/09/2016 12:05 PM, Robert Haas wrote:

That's true.  But I should also have an expectation that running
pg_dump won't trigger arbitrary code execution, which is why by
default, pg_dump sets row_security to OFF.  That way, if a row
security policy applies, I get an error rather than an incomplete,
possibly-invalid dump (and arbitrary code execution on the server
side).  If I'm OK with doing the dump subject to row security, I can
rerun with --enable-row-security.  But this proposal would force
non-superusers to always use that option, and that's not a good idea.

If I understand correctly what we are talking about here is:

1. If RLS is enabled and a non-super user issues a pg_dump, it will error unless I issue --enable-row-security

2. If RLS is not enabled and a non-super user issues a pg_dump the behavior is basically what it is now.

3. If RLS is enabled or not and I am a super user, it doesn't matter either way.

From my perspective, I should not have to enable row security as a non-super user to take a pg_dump. It should just work for what I am allowed to see. In other words:

pg_dump -U $non-super_user

Should just work, period.


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