Sorry, I think there was a misunderstanding. What were you looking for?

I used inno setup as well. If you want I can send my install script.

I thought I was being very forth coming.

I even help out on the Windows PG console window.

Justin Clift wrote:

Hi everyone,

Mark (mlw) put together a PostgreSQL installer for Windows (cygwin version) a little while ago, but he hasn't been responding to requests for feedback regarding it (probably busy).

As we're going to be releasing a native Windows version of PostgreSQL 7.4 in a few months, it seems appropriate that we practise first to get the hang of making packages on Windows, plus encourage anyone with graphical talent to make attractive icon's for menu options, etc.

Anyway, spent the last two days making a brand new "PostgreSQL 7.3.1 Proof of Concept for Windows Alpha 1" easy-installer (11,161KB) using a product called Inno Setup (very nice) and have a pretty good result.

It looks and feels *really* professional, and if people didn't know that it was using cygwin, they'd probably never guess.

Am reckoning that the best thing to do for this is to create a project on GBorg of some name, upload it, and everyone who is interested can take it from there.

Does that sound like the best approach, and does anyone have good suggestions for a project name?


Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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