* David Steele (da...@pgmasters.net) wrote:
> On 2/10/16 9:44 AM, Stephen Frost wrote:
> > Hrmmm.  If that's the case then perhaps you're right.  I liked the
> > general idea of not having to maintain a TCP connection during the
> > entire backup (TCP connections can be annoyingly finicky in certain
> > environments...), but I'm not sure it's worth a lot of additional
> > complexity.
> Well, pgBackRest holds a connection to PostgreSQL through the entire
> backup and will abort the backup if it is severed.  The connection is
> always held locally, though, even if the master backup process is on a
> different server.  I haven't gotten any reports of aborted backups due
> to the connection failing.

Yeah, I know, I had been thinking it might be nice to not do that at
some point in the future, but thinking on it further, we've already got
a "pick up where you left off" capability with pgbackrest, so it's
really not a huge deal if the backup fails and has to be restarted, and
this does remove the need (or at least deprecate) to use the "stop an
already-running backup if you find one" option that pgbackrest has.



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