I duplicate the patch here.

it's very good thing to update disctionaries to support modern versions. And thank you for improving documentation. Also I've impressed by long description in spell.c header.

Som notices about code:

 struct SPELL. Why do you remove union p? You leave comment
 about using d struct instead of flag field and as can see
 it's right comment. It increases size of SPELL structure.

2 struct AFFIX. I'm agree with Alvaro taht sum of sizes of bit fields should be less or equal to size of integer. In opposite case, suppose, we can get undefined behavior. Please, split bitfields to two integers.

3 unsigned char flagval[65000];
  Is it forbidden to use 65555 number? In any case, decodeFlag() doesn't
  restrict return value. I suggest to enlarge array to 1<<16 and add limit
  to return value of decodeFlag().

 I'd like to see a short comment describing at least new functions

 Pls, add tests for new code.

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