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> This year, my team is planning on improving the MONEY type.  Of course, we can 
> always make it a user defined type if PostgreSQL doesn't want it.  We will at 
> least put it into contrib.  However, if people think that it is useful and 
> want to leave it in the main tree that's good too.  What we want to do is a) 
> switch to a 64 bit integer from a 32 bit integer in order to hold amounts of 
> any reasonabe size and b) allow it to be cast to and from more types.  
> Perhaps we can also add the ability to specify the number of decimal places 
> on output but I am not sure if that would affect the primary benefit of using 
> it, speed.

A money type needs to specify what currency is held.  The current one
changes the currency with the locale, which makes nonsense of existing

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