Vicky Vergara <> writes:
> I wonder if -std=gnu99 is the correct standard to include postgres.h etc. in 
> 9.5 
> because that standard (and all the flags I am using to generate pgrouting 
> code without warnings)
> catches the following catches warnings of type conversions on some postgresql 
> included files.

It's not -std=gnu99 that's causing those messages, it's -pedantic and
-Wconversion respectively.

> /usr/include/postgresql/9.5/server/c.h:298:9: warning: ISO C does not support 
> ‘__int128’ type [-pedantic]
> /usr/include/postgresql/9.5/server/c.h:299:18: warning: ISO C does not 
> support ‘__int128’ type [-pedantic]

We're not going to do anything about this one; certainly we won't stop
using int128 where it's available, and there isn't any other apparent way
to suppress the warning.  I doubt that -pedantic is a useful switch in
practice, and this seems to be a particularly unhelpful bit of pedantry.
Consider dropping that flag.

> /usr/include/postgresql/9.5/server/port/atomics/generic.h: In function 
> ‘pg_atomic_add_fetch_u32_impl’:
> /usr/include/postgresql/9.5/server/port/atomics/generic.h:238:2: warning: 
> conversion to ‘uint32’ from ‘int32’ may change the sign of the result 
> [-Wsign-conversion]

According to the gcc manual, inserting explicit casts would silence these;
is that worth doing?  I doubt anyone cares about making all our code
-Wconversion clean, but maybe making the headers clean would be worth
the trouble.

                        regards, tom lane

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