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> Subject: Re: [CYGWIN] Have a PG 7.3.1 Windows (cygwin) easy 
> installer... now what to do with it?
> The package here also has the ODBC drivers in it, but doesn't include 
> pgAdmin, nor Igor's WinMaster.  It was originally assembled 
> with both of 
> them, but WinMaster didn't seem to really add anything (the package 
> auto-installs as a service), 

No, WinMaster shouldn't be required for a production system, though it
can be handy for testing.

> and with pgAdmin I was having trouble 
> getting it to register HighlightBox.ocx and use it once 
> installed.  :( 
> No real stress there, as I'm really sure the pgAdmin team and 
> yourself 
> will be able to give pointers on how to make that work properly.  :)

Step 1 is use an MSI compliant setup package. Step 2 is then extremely
easy. There are a number of advantages to this including:

1) DLL conflicts are handled properly by the installer service.
2) Installations can be properly rolled back in case they fail.
3) Installation patches can be created.
4) The base package can be built as a merge module which can then be
included in any other setup program for seamless integration, and a
guaranteed correct installation.

Point 4 here is very important. If people want to include PostgreSQL in
their application (which is surely what we want?), all they need do is
include the merge module in their own setup. This is how pgAdmin
installs psqlODBC. The stup builder doesn't need to know how PostgreSQL
installs and therefore doesn't have to re-write his own version of the
installer, and risk getting it wrong. It also means that the installer
service can correctly handle the installation of a PostgreSQL-included
package onto a system that already has PostgreSQL installed.

Regards, Dave.

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