Magnus Hagander <> writes:
> Yes, these changes will increase some of the default overhead. My argument
> against that is that anybody who actually cares about that overhead is
> going to be tuning their database *anyway*, so they can just change things
> back to the old defaults.

> So, I suggest the following changes to the defaults:

> wal_level=hot_standby
> max_wal_senders=10
> max_replication_slots=10

It would be easier to sell this if we had some numbers for the amount of
overhead it would add for people *not* using the features.  I do not think
I've ever seen, eg, pgbench results with different wal_level and all else
the same.

> And in pg_hba.conf, we enable the replication connections by default for
> the superuser on local/localhost.

Potential security implications?

                        regards, tom lane

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