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> I was working on adding the tar streaming functionality we talked about at
> the developer meeting to pg_basebackup, and rapidly ran across the issue
> that Andres has been complaining about for a while. The code in
> receivelog.c just passes an insane number of parameters around. Adding or
> changing even a small thing ends up touching a huge number of places.

Other than the lack of comments on the fields in StreamCtl to indicate
their functions I think this looks good.

I didn't find any mistakes, but I do admit my eyes started glazing over
after a bit.

I'd rather not have StreamCtl as a typedef of an anonymous struct if it's
exposed in a header though. It should have a name that can be used in
forward declarations etc.

After recently working with the XLogReader I can't emphasise enough how
important *useful* comments on the fields in these sorts of structs are -
the XLogReaderState has ReadRecPtr, readSegNo + readOff + readLen,
currRecPtr AND latestPagePtr. Which actually do have comments, just not
super helpful ones.

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