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> On 2/14/16 11:24 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
>>     > We have a patch, that inject logs about the time waiting on locks
>> before
>>     > query execution. This feature helps us lot of, and I hope, it can be
>>     > generally useful.
>>     Doesn't log_lock_waits cover that territory already?
>> It does. But It creates different log entry - and can be hard to join
>> slow query with log entry sometimes lot of lines before. This proposal
>> is about taking important information comfortably - and log parsing and
>> processing is simpler.
> I'm all for anything that improves visibility into locking, but it seems
> like this is more a band-aid than a fix. Certainly any real analysis of
> logfiles means you're stuck with something like pgBadger. If this would
> significantly simply pgBadger's job then great, but I don't think that's
> the case.
> What would be useful logging-wise is if the log line for the query itself
> could contain lock wait time, but that doesn't sound like what you're
> proposing?

I hope, so I propose this idea. First time I wanted talk about the idea.
Next step is the talk about format.

> What I think would be far more useful is adding lock wait time info to
> pg_stat_statements and maybe pg_stat_*_tables.

If we can enhance primary log, auto_explain, then we can do same with

lock statistics in table or database level would be great - it is good
simple indicator about application health, but it is for another proposal
(and patch). I can propose it, or I can collaborate on it with pleasure.



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