sorry, please ignore it.It is a setting, not function, I can set it withset 
pglogical.conflict_resolution = 'error'
Subject: pglogical - how to use pglogical.conflict_resolution
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 18:30:35 -0500

Hello,         I setup the logical replication with pglogical on pg95, it works 
fine, however, I want to set the conflict resolution according to the document 
below=====================The configuration of the conflicts resolver is done 
via the`pglogical.conflict_resolution` setting. The supported values for 
the`pglogical.conflict_resolution` are:
- `error` - the replication will stop on error if conflict is detected and  
manual action is needed for resolving======================
I got errortest3=# select pglogical.conflict_resolution('error');ERROR:  
function pglogical.conflict_resolution(unknown) does not existLINE 1: select 
Does anyone know how to use the function pglogical.conflict_resolution? I 
googled , but didn't find anything value. 

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