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> It would be nice if pg_ctl promote supported the -w (wait) option.
> How could pg_ctl determine when the promotion has finished?
> We could query pg_is_in_recovery(), but that would require database
> access, which we got rid of in pg_ctl.
> We could check when recovery.conf is gone or recovery.done appears.
> This could work, but I think some people are trying to get rid of these
> files, so building a feature on that might be a problem?  (I think the
> latest news on that was that the files might be different in this
> hypothetical future but there would still be a file to prevent
> re-recovery on restart.)
> Other ideas?

We use a trigger file under the covers, so a promotion complete file seems
useful also, but crappy.

Perhaps we should have a Server Status file that shows Standby or Master,
obviously not updated on crash.

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