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> The cause seems to be that Windows conventions have int = long = int32
> (even on 64-bit platforms) and only 'long long' = int64.

Yes, it's an LLP64 platform.


> The Java JNI
> headers of course know this, so they type jlong as 'long long', while
> jint they type as 'long' - curiously, because they could just call it
> int and get the same width. Maybe a habit from a 16-bit C environment?

They should be using the (u)int(nn)_t typedefs like int64_t, but some
compilers lag in their support for them.

> Have issues like this been dealt with in PostgreSQL code before, and did
> a favorite approach emerge?
> <http://www.postgresql.org/mailpref/pgsql-hackers>



git grep INT64_FORMAT

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