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> Doh, I left that comment to myself in there. :)
> The corresponding structs in timestamp.c and int.c have no comment, so
> suggestions of what should be there are welcome. In the interim I put in
> this:
> /* state for generate_series_date(date,date,[step]) */
> Extra linefeed after struct removed.
> Do you have any insight as to why the documentation test failed?
> In the mean time, here's the updated patch.

[step] is in days, but is not documented as such.

My understanding is you want to replace this

SELECT d.dt::date as dt
FROM generate_series('2015-01-01'::date,
                     interval '1 day') AS d(dt);

with this

FROM generate_series('2015-01-01'::date,
                     7) as d(dt);

Personally, I think writing  INTERVAL '7 days' to be clearer than just
typing 7.

Other than that, the only difference is the ::date part. Is it really worth
adding extra code just for that? I would say not.

No comments on the patch itself, which seems to do the job, so apologies to
give this opinion on your work, I do hope it doesn't put you off further

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