> > > However, the server log messages stating an IPv6 socket was
> not made is
> > > only printed if the binary supports IPv6.  The message seems to be a
> > > compromise between those who wanted a separate IPv6 GUC/flag and those
> > > who wanted it to silently fail on IPv6.
> >
> > I'm not sure.  Those who wanted silence don't get any silence and those
> > who wanted a configurable hard failure get neither the
> configurability nor
> > any failure.
> That is the compromise.  Neither gets what they want, but the final
> solution is closer to each.  This is probably the best we can do.

BTW guys, there was strong demand at Linux.conf.au asking for the 'inet'
type to support IPv6 addresses.  I've been looking at it a bit, but I'll
have to interleave it with my work on phpPgAdmin 3 (which rocks BTW :) ).


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