> FWIW, I also wish we had something better than format() for this stuff. I
> did create [1] towards that end, but it currently depends on some C code,
> which is cumbersome.

For the most party, I'm pretty thrilled with format(), though:
- I'll admit to being grumpy about the %1$s notation, but I have no better
- I'd also like it if there were a %I variant that accepted schema
qualified names and %I-ed both, though I see the inability to tell the
difference between a schema dot and a really-named-that dot.
- I'd love it if there were a %C format that took a pg_class oid and
formatted the qualified schema name. As it is i just use %s and cast the
parameter as ::regclass

The design of the "format" function is not closed. Try to send prototype
and patch. The possibility to do PostgreSQL customization was strong reason
why we didn't implemented "sprintf" and we implemented "format".



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