> On 16 Feb 2016, at 09:11, Craig Ringer <cr...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> Revision attached. There was a file missing from the patch too.

All attached patches apply normally. I only took a look at first 2, but also 
tried to run the Patroni with the modified version to check whether the basic 
replication works.

What it’s doing is calling pg_basebackup first to initialize the replica, and 
that actually failed with:

_basebackup: unexpected termination of replication stream: ERROR:  requested 
WAL segment 000000010000000000000000 has already been removed

The segment name definitely looks bogus to me.

The actual command causing the failure was an attempt to clone the replica 
using pg_basebackup, turning on xlog streaming:

pg_basebackup --pgdata data/postgres1 --xlog-method=stream 
--dbname="host=localhost port=5432  user=replicator”

I checked the same command against the  git master without the patches applied 
and could not reproduce this problem there.

On the code level, I have no comments on 0001, it’s well documented and I have 
no questions about the approach, although I might be not too knowledgable to 
judge the specifics of the implementation.

On the 0002, there are a few rough edges:

        elog(LOG, "persistency is %i", (int)slot->data.persistency);

Should be changed to DEBUG?

Why did you drop “void" as a parameter type of ReplicationSlotDropAcquired?

walsender.c: 1509 at PhysicalConfirmReceivedLocation

I’ve noticed a comment stating that we don’t need to call 
ReplicationSlotSave(), but that pre-dated the WAL-logging of replication slot 
changes. Don’t we need to call it now, the same way it’s done for the logical 
slots in logical.c:at LogicalConfirmReceivedLocation?

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