On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 2:00 PM, Tatsuo Ishii <is...@postgresql.org> wrote:
> The explanations for vacuum_freeze_table_age etc. are in the section
> "Statement Behavior", which is a subsection of "Client Connection
> Defaults". To me vacuum_freeze_table_age etc. are totally unrelated
> to "Client Connection Defaults".
> I think "Resource Consumption" section is more appropriate for their
> place. There's already a section "Cost-based Vacuum Delay". Maybe we
> can add a new section for below under "Resource Consumption" something
> like "Managing Vacuum Freeze".
> vacuum_freeze_min_age
> vacuum_freeze_table_age
> vacuum_multixact_freeze_min_age
> vacuum_multixact_freeze_table_age

Those are parameters related controlling the way the query VACUUM
behaves, that's why they are placed where they are now, but so do the
cost-based parameters. So +1 for a new section under Resource

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