On 21.02.2016 11:31, Pavel Stehule wrote:

I am sending updated version - the changes are related to fix comments.


I am new in reviewing, I think Pavel took into account all comments. This patch is compiled and regression tests are passed. So I change its status to "Ready for Committer".

             By the way, these functions are misnamed after this patch.
        They are
             called "wordtype" and "cwordtype" originally because they
             "word%TYPE" and "compositeword%TYPE", but after the patch
        they not only
             accept TYPE at the right of the percent sign but also
        ELEMENTTYPE and
             ARRAYTYPE.  Not sure that this is something we want to be
        too strict

        Understand - used name ***reftype instead ****type

    I am not sure, but it seems that new names is a little worse. I
    think original names are good too. They accept a word and return the
    PLpgSQL_type structure.

The "TYPE" word in this name was related to syntax %TYPE. And because
new syntax allows more constructs, then the change name is correct. I am
think. But choosing names is hard work. The new name little bit more
strongly show relation to work with referenced types.


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