Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I just checked and pg_dump -d _doesn't_ place the INSERT's in a
> transsaction.  Seems it should,

I think this is a bad idea.  If one were after speed, one would have
used the COPY format in the first place.  If one uses INSERTs, there
may be a reason for it --- like, say, wanting each row insertion to
succeed or fail independently.  Put a begin/end around it, and you
lose that.

> and perhaps add a:
>       SET autocommit TO 'on'
> as well.

This is probably a good idea, since pg_dump scripts effectively assume
that anyway.

> Of course, that SET would fail when restoring to prior
> releases,

Irrelevant; current pg_dump scripts already issue a SET that pre-7.3
servers won't recognize (search_path).  A failed SET is harmless anyway,
or should be.  (What we really need is for someone to fix pg_restore to
not abort on SQL errors...)

                        regards, tom lane

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