Why not based it on "Exclusion Constraint" ?

Most discussions as of late seems to focus on Range overlaps which appeal
(I would think) is that it supports both "equality" and "overlaps", two
popular partitioning schemes.

"Equality" as in "value1 = value2" can be implemented with "range
as "range(value1,value) = range(value,value2)".

I would think that Partitioning schemes can be Declarative, Efficient and
not restricted to Equality and Overlaps as long as all partitions (of a
partitioned table) are using a single partitioning definition expressed
- An Immutable Expression on tuple columns, in the simplest case a single
- An Operator, in the simplest case, "equality"

That seems very close to the semantic of "Constraint Exclusion" as
described here:

If partitioning could be based on EC, it would bring these additional
- The choice of operator as long as it is boolean. commutative and
- The use of Expression/Function and not just bare columns

Jean-Pierre Pelletier

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