Hey all,

I'm building a FDW around a column-store backend (similar to CStore but for 
genomic data!).

I have tables in the billions of rows, and have a common query pattern of 
asking for the table size (i.e. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM big_fdw_table; ).

This is a read-optimized system in which I know in constant time the exact 
dimensions of the table.

Is there any way to convince Postgres FDW to leverage the analyze row counts or 
even the "double* totalRowCount" returned from the AcquireSampleRows callback 
from my AnalyzeForeignTable function so that it does not do a full-table scan 
for a COUNT(*) etc?

My current fallback is to export a specialized function that returns the table 
row count for a given FDW table, but that then leaks into the user-application 
driving these queries.

Thanks in advance!

Gabe Rudy | VP Product & Engineering | Golden Helix, Inc.

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