On Saturday 08 of August 2015 20:38:38 Satoshi Nagayasu wrote:
> I have created a patch for pg_filedump to work with 9.5.
> Here is a list of changes.
>  * Fix to rename CRC32 macros to work with 9.5.
>  * Fix to add missing DBState: DB_SHUTDOWNED_IN_RECOVERY.
>  * Fix to add missing page flags for Btree and GIN.
>  * Update copyright date.
> Please take a look. Any comments are welcome.

Thanks for the patch;  it helps with building against 9.5.

Hints I can give ATM:

  * copyright is outdated now 
  * to allow the build with 'make
    PGSQL_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include/pgsql/server' the following patch is

    --- a/Makefile
    +++ b/Makefile
    @@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ DISTFILES= README.pg_filedump Makefile Makefile.contrib \
     all: pg_filedump
     pg_filedump: pg_filedump.o
    -       ${CC} ${CFLAGS} -o pg_filedump pg_filedump.o
    +       ${CC} ${CFLAGS} -o pg_filedump pg_filedump.o -lpgport


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