Euler Taveira <> writes:
> On 26-02-2016 08:03, Robert Haas wrote:
>> But there's one thing I'm slightly baffled about: why would you
>> actually need this?

> The use case I have in mind is consume log file by using a tool like
> logstash. In this case, logstash accepts patterns and you can also use
> syslog for it.

This needs to be explained a lot more clearly than it has been so far,
else we are going to reject this proposed feature as being more code and
more overhead than is justified.  Exactly why would you need a pointer to
the current log file, rather than just configuring whatever tool you use
to vacuum up everything in the pg_log directory?  Why would this use-case
not suffer from nasty race conditions (ie, what happens when current log
file changes immediately before or immediately after you look at the

                        regards, tom lane

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