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>     Hi.
>     I have a newbie question for extension development. Extensions
provide an entry point, and are dynamically linked to PostgreSQL. But what
APIs/functions are really available for extensions to call?
>     The most obvious API is SPI. You could also implements hooks. Of
course, functions, types, aggregates, whatever. But can an extension call
other "internal" PostgreSQL functions? Is there any restriction to what
could --or should-- call an extension? Is there any specific API, or any
documentation which states what is available to use?
>     In other words: what is the API surface exposed by PostgreSQL to
extension developers? The assumption is that no PostgreSQL code should be
modified, just adding your own and calling existing funcitons.

I don't know what kind of problem you want to solve, but maybe you should
ask to yourself:

1) I need to change some current PostgreSQL behavior?

2) I need to add a new feature do PostgreSQL without change the current

Writing a C extension you can access a lot of internal code if it's
available internally by .h headers. For example, some time ago I'm thinking
to write an extension to show more internal information about autovacuum
(internal queue, etc... some like pg_stat_autovaccuum) . But nowadays is
impossible without change the core because some internal structures are not
exposed, so we should define an internal API to expose this kind of

So depending what problem you want to solve you can write an extension to
do that. Then unfortunately the short aswer is "depend".


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