On 2/25/16 9:30 AM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Jim Nasby wrote:

Here we have another case. prodesc is a global thing. And it is shared
between different operations. Problem was that there is no partcular
owner, and we have to wait when last operation which deals with it
would finish. It looks like perfect job for reference counting.

I've just tried to wrap my head around what's going on with prodesc and
failed... specifically, I don't understand this claim in the comment:

* Add the proc description block to the hashtable.  Note we do not
* attempt to free any previously existing prodesc block.  !!This is
* annoying, but necessary since there could be active calls using
* the old prodesc.!!

What else could be referencing it? I realize it's stored in pltcl_proc_htab,
but AFAICT that's backend-local. So I don't understand what else could be
referencing it.

Try to open a cursor that uses the function, fetch a few tuples from it;
then change the function and fetch more rows from the cursor.  I suppose
the open cursor could contain a reference to the function's prodesc.

Refcounting the prodesc would let it live until the cursor's closed,
then free it.

Hadn't thought about cursors; I suspect you're right about that. I wounder if other PLs would handle that correctly.

I'm also not sure how the reference would get decremented... via ResourceOwner somehow?
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