On 2/8/16 9:36 AM, David Steele wrote:
> -#define XLogIsNeeded() (wal_level >= WAL_LEVEL_ARCHIVE)
> +#define XLogIsNeeded() (wal_level >= WAL_LEVEL_REPLICA)
> <...>
> -#define XLogStandbyInfoActive() (wal_level >= WAL_LEVEL_HOT_STANDBY)
> +#define XLogStandbyInfoActive() (wal_level >= WAL_LEVEL_REPLICA)
> Since these are identical now shouldn't one be removed?  I searched the
> code and I couldn't find anything that looked dead (i.e. XLogIsNeeded()
> && !XLogStandbyInfoActive()) but it still seems like having both could
> cause confusion.

I think this should eventually be cleaned up, but it doesn't seem
necessary in the first patch.

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