On 2/29/16 7:27 PM, Abhijit Menon-Sen wrote:
1. This adds the 'x'/DEPENDENCY_AUTO_EXTENSION type.
2. This adds an 'ALTER FUNCTION … ADD DEPENDENT FUNCTION …' command.

I split up the two because we may want the new dependency type without
going to the trouble of adding a new command. Maybe extension authors
should just insert an 'x' row into pg_depend directly?

I don't see why this would be limited to just functions. I could certainly see an extension that creates ease-of-use views that depend on the extension, or tables that have triggers that .... Am I missing something?

I was inclined to implement it using ALTER FUNCTION, but AlterFunction()
is focused on altering the pg_proc entry for a function, so the new code
didn't fit. Ultimately, ExecAlterExtensionContentsStmt() was the closest
match, so that's where I did it.

Maybe the better way to handle this would be through ALTER EXTENSION?

Given the audience for this, I think it'd probably be OK to just provide a function that does this, instead of DDL. I'd be concerned about asking users to do raw inserts though. pg_depends isn't the easiest thing to grok so I suspect there'd be a lot of problems with that, resulting in more raw DML to try and fix things, resulting in pg_depend getting completely screwed up...
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