I do not think the patch will make a lot of performance difference as-is;
its value is more in what it will let us do later.  There are a couple of
Yep, for now on my notebook (best from 5 tries):
% pgbench -i -s 3000
% pgbench  -s 3000 -c 4 -j 4 -P 1 -T 60
HEAD    569 tps
patched 542 tps
% pgbench  -s 3000 -c 4 -j 4 -P 1 -T 60 -S
HEAD    9500 tps
patched 9458 tps

Looks close to measurement error, but may be explained increased amount of work for planning. Including, may be, more complicated path tree.

this kind of optimization to chance.  But the patch is big enough already,
so that (and a lot of other things) are getting left for later.

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