Joe Conway <> writes:
> Would it be a terrible idea to add some attribute to ACLs which can be
> used to indicate they should not be dumped (and supporting syntax)?

Yes, we'd need some way to mark non-null ACLs as being "built-in
defaults".  I do not see the need to have SQL syntax supporting that

Actually, wouldn't you need to mark individual aclitems as built-in
or not?  Consider a situation where we have some function foo() that
by default has EXECUTE permission granted to some built-in "pg_admin"
role.  If a given installation then also grants EXECUTE to "joe",
what you really want to have happen is for pg_dump to dump only the
grant to "joe".  Mentioning pg_admin's grant would tie the dump to
a particular major PG version's idea of what the built-in roles are,
which is what I'm arguing we need to avoid.

I guess this could also be addressed by having two separate aclitem[]
columns, one that is expected to be frozen after initdb and one for
user-added grants.

                        regards, tom lane

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