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> >> Thanks Rajkumar for your report. Let me know if the attached patch fixes
> >> the issue.
>          if (pathkey->pk_nulls_first)
>              appendStringInfoString(buf, " NULLS FIRST");
> +        else
> +            appendStringInfoString(buf, " NULLS LAST");
> Per explain.c, this looks inconsistent to me. Shouldn't NULLS LAST be
> applied only if DESC is used in this ORDER BY clause?

I assume that you are referring to show_sortorder_options().

As per PG documentation
http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.4/static/queries-order.html, "By default,
null values sort as if larger than any non-null value; that is, NULLS FIRST
is the default for DESC order, and NULLS LAST otherwise." What
show_sortorder_options() is doing is just trying to avoid printing the
defaults, which is arguably fine for an explain output; it leaves defaults
to be interpreted by user. In this case we are constructing a query to be
sent to the foreign server and it's better not to leave the defaults to be
interpreted by the foreign server; in case it interprets them in different
fashion. get_rule_orderby() also explicitly adds these options.

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