On 3/7/2016 12:45 PM, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

I agree that the problem is that you don't always know what the primary key is.

I would argue the solution is to check before you write the query.

Sure, that would be great, but perhaps I should have give some more context:

We have an application server which allows our developers to query databases with simplified syntax. Our code is written in a generic way to allow the developers that use our application server to pass whatever query they want into the database server, whether it's SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

The code that we use to wrap the SQL statement, as well as the JDBC code, has no idea about the table or its constraints, so it's not like I'm writing my own queries, and am just being lazy at checking what the primary key is. I just can't know what the developer has in his database.

Sure, I can probably query it via metadata tables, etc., but that would be a much slower process.


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