Tom Lane wrote:
> Konstantin Knizhnik <> writes:
> > Attached please find improved version of the optimizer patch for LIMIT 
> > clause.

> For now, I've set this commitfest entry to Waiting on Author.  There's
> still time to consider a rewrite in this 'fest, if you can get it done
> in a week or two.

Yes.  Given that Konstantin will have to struggle to get this patch
rebased on top of upper-planner pathification which appeared out of the
blue at the last minute, it seems fair to give some additional time
for the required work.

However, we still have a commitfest schedule to adhere to, and
Konstantin has two other patches in the commitfest:
* Support ALTER INDEX ... WHERE ... clause
* eXtensible Transaction Manager API (v2)

and since we also need his contribution as a patch reviewer, it seems
unfair to just let all his patches move forward --- if we did that, he
would have no time at all to review other's patches, which is a

Since we're only one week into the commitfest, I think it's his
prerogative to decide what to do.  I think there are two options: he can
either continue with this patch only, and get back from WoA to
Needs-Review in (hopefully) one week; or he can drop this one from the
commitfest right now and concentrate on the two other ones.  Either way,
as I already stated, we need his contribution as a reviewer for other
patche, too.

(If I were in his socks, I wouldn't have any hope that the XTM patch
would go in for 9.6 at this point; the most I'd hope is to have lots of
feedback in order to have something to propose for early 9.7.  I don't
know the status of the ALTER INDEX one, so I can't comment there.)

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