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On Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 9:29 PM, Regina Obe <l...@pcorp.us>> wrote:
I think the answer to this question is NO, but thought I'd ask.

A lot of folks in PostGIS land are suffering from restore issues,
materialized view issues etc. because we have functions such as


Which does _ST_Intersects  AND &&

Since _ST_Intersects is not schema qualified, during database restore
(which sets the schema to the table or view schema), materialized
views that depend on this do not come back.

Could you provide a self-contained, reproducible test case that illustrates 
this problem?  Ideally, one that doesn't involve installing PostGIS?

Here is a script just involving the built in geometric types that has the same 


I think Robert was asking for a test case for the database restore problems.

The reason your no_inline() function cannot be inlined is due to lack of support of inlining of any functions which have any config variable set, not matter which. The search_path does not get any special treatment, and I am not sure if it could in the general case since the new search path will apply too to functions called by the function which changed the search path.


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