On Thu, Mar 03, 2016 at 12:04:56PM +0100, Eduardo Morras wrote:
> My company is developing code for Postgresql for another company and want to 
> communicate, debate and share the results with the community.
> The objetives are upgrade the network backend and frontend of Postgresql:
> a) Add support for LibreSSL in it 2 flavors, OpenSSL compatibility mode and 
> own API,
> b) Add support for sctp protocol,
> c) Add support for dtls with LibreSSL, with udp/udplite and sctp datagrams,
> d) Add support to them in makefiles/configure and postgresql configuration.
> I have read the FAQ entry [1] and company contributions document [2] and as 
> first step I had search Postgresql mailinglists for similar topics and found 
> nothing. I think this is the second step, share the plan. If you need more 
> information on any topic or has more ideas or howtos or.. reply mail.

Thanks for sharing these goals, which was an ideal first step.  I think your
next step is to pick a self-contained subset of those goals to implement as a
first project.  Then, start a thread describing a planned design for that
particular subset.  I recommend starting either with support for the OpenSSL
compatibility mode of LibreSSL or with SCTP.

When you send a design proposal for SCTP support, please explain why a person
should choose to reach PostgreSQL over SCTP in lieu of TCP.  The topic of SCTP
support in PostgreSQL has never come up before.


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