On 04/03/16 17:08, Craig Ringer wrote:
I'd really appreciate some review of the logic there by people who know
timelines well and preferably know the xlogreader. It's really just one
function and 2/3 comments; the code is simple but the reasoning leading
to it is not.

I think this will have to be work for committer at this point. I can't find any flaws in the logic myself so I unless somebody protests I am going to mark this as ready for committer.

I've also attached an updated version of the tests posted a few days
ago.  The tests depend on the remaining patches from the TAP
enhancements tree so it's easiest to just get the whole tree from
(subject to regular rebases and force pushes, do not use as a base).

The tests now include a test module that exposes some slots guts to SQL
to allow the client to sync slot state from master to replica(s) without
needing failover slots and the use of extra WAL as transport. It's very
much for-testing-only.

The new test module is used by a second round of tests to demonstrate
the practicality of failover of a logical replication client to a
physical replica using a base backup taken by pg_basebackup and without
the presence of failover slots. I won't pretend it's pretty.

Well for testing purposes it's quite fine I think. The TAP framework enhancements needed for this are now in and it works correctly against current master.

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