On 2016-03-07 21:55:52 -0800, Andres Freund wrote:
> Here's my updated version.
> Note that I've split the patch into two. One for the infrastructure, and
> one for the callsites.

I've finally pushed these, after making a number of mostly cosmetic
fixes. The only of real consequence is that I've removed the durable_*
call from the renames to .deleted in xlog[archive].c - these don't need
to be durable, and are windows only. Oh, and that there was a typo in

There's a *lot* of version skew here: not-present functionality, moved
files, different APIs - we got it all.  I've tried to check in each
version whether we're missing fsyncs for renames and everything.
Michael, *please* double check the diffs for the different branches.

Note that we currently have some frontend programs with the equivalent
problem. Most importantly receivelog.c (pg_basebackup/pg_recveivexlog)
are missing pretty much the same directory fsyncs.  And at least for
pg_recvxlog it's critical, especially now that receivexlog support
syncrep.  I've not done anything about that; there's pretty much no
chance to share backend code with the frontend in the back-branches.


Andres Freund

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