Kevin Brown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> I think it's best to leave well enough alone.  The tarball ships with
>> working bison output files anyway, so all of this really only matters
>> to people trying to build 7.2.* from a CVS pull.

> Okay, fair enough, but if we intend to continue to maintain 7.2.*,
> shouldn't we at least fix the .y files?

What for?  If you've bought the assumption that we aren't going to port
7.2's grammar forward indefinitely, why shouldn't we say it stops with
bison 1.35 rather than 1.75?  1.75 and later are not widely deployed
anyway, as yet.  But the more compelling point is *it does not matter*
to our customers, and only barely to us.  No one but a very few
developers will ever again build the .y output files for 7.2.* (even
assuming that there are more 7.2.* releases, which I doubt).  Doesn't
seem worth expending any effort on, to me.  We have other, more
productive things to do ...

                        regards, tom lane

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