On 2016-03-10 08:47:16 +0100, Michael Paquier wrote:
> Still, I think that we had better fsync only entries that are modified
> by pg_rewind, and files that got updated, and not the whole directory

Why? If any files in there are dirty, they need to be fsynced. If
they're not dirty, fsync's free.

> a target data folder should be stopped properly to be able to rewind,
> and it is better to avoid dependencies between utilities if that's not
> strictly necessary.  initdb is likely to be installed side-by-side
> with pg_rewind in any distribution though.

It's not like we don't have any other such dependencies, in other
binaries. I'm not concerned.

Having to backpatch a single system() invocation + find_other_exec()
call, and backporting a more general FRONTEND version of initdb's
fsync_pgdata() are wildly differing in complexity.

- Andres

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